Ascent 159 – First Chat with New Coach Friend

One of the greatest blessings in this journey is the amazing people we get to interact with. I love how we serendipitously connect with like-minded spirits & energies.

I’m a member of a rocking group on Facebook – The Coaching Jungle. Jen MacQuarrie posted that she had just achieved the dream, had left her job and was pursuing her coaching full time.

Which, of course, is absolutely awesome!

I reached out to Jen to see if she would be amenable to connecting and sharing about her journey.

Thankfully, she was and we met up on Skype today.

Jen is a wonderful energy and gifted coach. She is very passionate about what she does and is a natural gifted coach. It was wonderful session of sharing energy and the time just flew by.

I’m grateful to have a new friend and look forward to interacting again soon.

If you’d like to learn more about Jen:


Jen MacQuarrie is a Success Coach and founder of Bright Habits. Jen helps clients to replace self sabotaging habits with success habits so they can reach their goals and start showing up in their lives the way they truly want to. Jen believes we all have a unique calling in life and she encourages her clients to step out of their comfort zone and into their power. Jen loves supporting people to create new habits such as 5 am Wakeup routine, daily exercise and mindset success to increase their energy, confidence and happiness.


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