Ascent 157 – I’m Awake – Now What?

MarkAwakeMy journey over the last few years has been a series of awakenings and the evolution into truly living my purpose.

Although I trust the process and Divine timing, I have been feeling some angst for things to shift and open up for me lately. Specifically, moving forward on my coaching & healing journey.

When I got home with my new car yesterday, I actually found myself feeling a little nervous about driving across the Bronx daily again. I rarely feel this energy around anything and it was an interesting space for me to be in.

What it has produced for me is inspiration – to stay connected to my big picture vision, laser in on the next milestone. And to devote my time, energy & passion on that which brings it closer to my reality.

It’s an interesting dynamic that we sometimes need a traumatic experience to remind us of what is truly important and to get back into the momentum to make it happen. Of course, it doesn’t have to happen that way albeit how we receive the message is not as important as the fact we got the message.

My friend Cindy recently shared an awesome post about labels ( I’m a journeyer who is committed to the most fulfilling life experience possible and empowering others to do the same via coaching, healing, speaking, writing and other modalities.

Being awake is such a lovely feeling, isn’t it?


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