Ascent 156 – The Return of the Rogue

Friday, I was a little emotional as I had retrieved my belongings from my wrecked car and handed off the keys. I was a bit concerned about it being totaled and how I would secure a new vehicle any time soon.

Around 5pm Friday, I received a voice mail from my insurance rep saying she had spoken to the Sales Manager at the Nissan Store where I leased my Rogue and they said they could get me in a fresh car that day. I was impressed.

I held off until this morning, presuming it would be better to do first thing in the morning, than toward the end of the day.

As I wrote about yesterday, I’m not that into stuff and, even though I would love to have some of the features of the next model up, I didn’t want an additional $50 per month on my lease payment.

I previously had a Rogue in red and in white, so opted to go for their Arctic Blue Metallic today.

They didn’t have a base model in stock albeit they did have the one that I didn’t want the extra expense on.

2016-06-04 14.25.16-1There was a pretty sweet lease deal in my area that I wanted to take advantage of to keep my payments reasonable. The Sales guy was a young dude with a great attitude and demeanour. He asked why I didn’t want the SV and I told him the features didn’t justify the expense. He went thru them in detail and asked if they could do it for just $30 extra on the payment, would I go for it? That felt reasonable to me, so we were a go.

They commenced all the necessary formalities and in true New York style, pizza showed up. Of course I participated and enjoyed a slice of Buffalo Chicken and a Sicilian.

The remainder of the details were a breeze, I signed on the dotted line and then it was a wait for the car to be prepped, verified and released to me.

The rental car store was a mere two blocks away, so I took care of that return then strolled back in the sunshine.

And then I waited. And waited. Thankfully, I’m a pretty patient person. They were swamped with new car orders and were getting them taken care of in order, providing appropriate care and attention to each one.

Finally, it was my turn. My car was brought out to me. I was given a quick demo of the additional features, my iPhone was synced with the car’s BlueTooth system and I was in business.

I confess I’m a little nervous driving around NYC right now. Am being even more cautious than ever and am like a parent with a newborn baby. I know it will wear off.

After a brief stop at home for a cup of coffee, don beach attire, retrieve Sue and head for Sea Cliff. First stop was Dreams East to acquire a fresh Namaste sticker for the rear glass. (And some new incense).

2016-06-04 19.39.24

Loving the feel of this car. It definitely rides better than my previous Rogue, presumably due to those 17” alloy rims that I initially didn’t want to upgrade to. Love how things just tend to work out.

I have a little more stuff to set up in the car and I’m back in the flow. Am so grateful for the way everything just fell into place. The journey continues.


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