Ascent 155 – Traveling Light

My recent experience of my car getting totaled produced some emotions and some reflection. I’m not really that materialistic yet I was sad when I showed up today to take the remainder of my belongings out and hand over the keys.

I will have another car very soon, so what’s the big deal? It’s a possession, something that I can live without and that I can’t take with me. It was my 2nd Rogue. It had been my traveling companion for 6 months. It even had a name – Finn – after the Stormtrooper turned good guy from The Force Awakens.

I don’t feel like I’m attached to possessions albeit my musing did make me aware that the things I do acquire these days have value and purpose to my journey. Thus, it’s natural to have some emotions when they expire or must be replaced.

I used to love the stuff that I had. Lots of toys and cool gadgets. Stuff that I just had to have and barely used for the most part. Or if I did use them, I used a fraction of the functionality. How many of us know what more than a handful of the buttons on our remote controls actually do?

I downsized my life in 2012 when I left a 3100 sq ft home in Indianapolis to go to a small rental place in Iowa. When the time came to come to New York later that year, I released even more stuff and traveled light with everything I owned in my car.

I still hold this space today and choose to be extremely judicious with things that I acquire. I can still get everything in my car, which is a feeling that I love.

I simply am not that enthused about stuff anymore. I love what Tim Ferris wrote about doing and being are more important than having. Of course, it’s a personal choice. I’m cool with having stuff in my space that supports me in my journey and don’t want to expend any time or energy on that which doesn’t.

One of my favorite phrases beautifully depicts this:

An American tourist went to Cairo to visit the famous Polish rabbi Hafez Ayim. The tourist was surprised to see that the rabbi lived in a simple, book-lined room, in which the only pieces of furniture were a table and a bench. ‘Rabbi, where’s all your furniture?’ asked the tourist. ‘Why, where’s yours?’ retorted Hafez.

‘Mine? But I’m just passing through.’

‘So am I,’ said the rabbi.

I recently read also that an atom is 99.99999% empty space – and that is a component of all matter.

Loving the space & freedom of traveling light.


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