Ascent 153 – Living In Now

One thing I have learned on my journey is that it’s about right now. No matter where you are or where you think you’re heading this moment is where it’s all about. I’m also a believer that, if you’re not enjoying the journey, the destination won’t matter.

Power of NowI love The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I’ve read it a few times and listen to the audio several times also. It is such a simple concept that is truly life-changing when you embrace it and surrender to it.

Being in now doesn’t mean you don’t have a plan or a destination in mind. Being aware of your purpose and taking tangible, inspired action toward it is crucial. It just means that your awareness is in the only place where it matters – the present moment.

In the Peaceful Warrior, Socrates says: “Take out the trash. The trash is in your head – it’s what is between you and the only thing that really matters – the present moment.”

The trash is all of the stuff that we have allowed to clutter our awareness. Guilt, resentment, fear, worry, etc. Mostly stuff that we have no control over. The past has happened and the future isn’t here yet.

As this moment sets the stage for the next, it makes sense to do all you can to ensure this one is the best possible. Think of the chain reaction this will set in motion.

It is a freeing life philosophy. When you’re living in now, patience actually becomes redundant as time doesn’t exist and thus you’re not really waiting for anything per se. You’re just in now, open to the opportunities and the inspiration, trusting all will unfolding in perfect timing and tuned in to what you can do, right now.

Sometimes there isn’t anything to do. Our brains often tell us that we have to be doing something, that we have to be busy in order to produce anything. It is a given that action is necessary albeit not mindless, random, unfocused action. Inspired action is what produces the meaningful results and that comes from your intuition which can only be tapped into in now. You must quiet your mind also in order to be able to discern the answers & guidance you’re seeking. If you don’t still that torrent of thoughts, ideas, calculations, etc., your messages may very well get lost in the mental chaos.

Meditation is a wonderful technique for engaging with the present moment as it’s very practice requires you to still your mind. Those moments where you’re still with absolutely nothing playing in your mind are truly sublime and epitomize the power of being in the now.

Any time you find yourself getting agitated, frustrated or afraid, you have lost touch with the present moment and you have allowed you’re awareness to be taken somewhere else. The more you practice being in the now, the easier it will be to find your way back quickly and to regain the space where you’re functioning as your true self and are allowing your intuition to come through.

I have an active mind & imagination and shutting my mind down did not come easily for me. To be honest, there are still times where it takes some effort to disengage and surrender into the now. I choose to journey in this space as this is truly where everything worthwhile can be discovered.


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