Ascent 151 – Memorial Day Musings

ColorsI’ve been in a bit of a pensive energy today. Not a bad space, just more of a contemplative one, where I was in my own space and not engaging with others. Sometimes we all just need a bit of time to go within and connect with what matters there.

Having grown up in a military family – my father and two brothers had extensive careers in the Royal Air Force – I have a great respect & admiration for those who stand on the front lines to maintain peace and protect freedom. And even more so for those who made that supreme sacrifice.

Memorial Day is all about honoring & remembering those whose lives were lost in the line of duty. Everyone of us would prefer to have peace instead of way yet what world would we have if the Allies had not banded together to stop the thread of evil? I pray that we may never experience that level of global conflict again albeit know that some response capability is necessary to ensure it doesn’t.

Here in the USA, Memorial Day kicks of summer with family gatherings, BBQs, beach parties and more. All wonderful implementations of the freedoms & liberties that this country is all about. I’m more than happy to participate in such events – after I acknowledge those who made it possible for me to do so. And my heart is with those who are unable to be with their families to share in the festivities, as they are deployed overseas, standing ready to ensure the freedom is able to continue.

I’m eternally grateful for all who served & sacrificed, and those serving today. I choose to celebrate and make the absolute most of it as I can think of no greater way to show my gratitude.


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