Ascent 150 – Birthday Celebration With Michele & Rob

After a leisurely breakfast at the Pirates Den and a little more laying out on the beach, it was time to get cleaned up and say goodbye to Brigantine as we headed north to join our friends Michele & Rob at their joint birthday celebration.

It’s actually Michele’s birthday today and they decided to double it up and celebrate Rob’s 50th, which is in early June.

I have known Michele for about 10 years and had the honor of holding the coaching space for her a few years ago. As time went on, I got to know her husband and to learn about their 2 daughters, Morgan & Mary. Michele has been an inspiration for me as she overcame several obstacles in her life, choosing to make the most of it and enjoy her family to the maximum.

I actually met Michele & Rob for the first time in person in August 2012 as I flew in to Newark to attend an event Sue had invited me to. They actually drove 2 hours to get me, then about the same to get me to the event!

Traffic was pretty good out of Atlantic City and it was a breeze getting up to Forked River. We found Captain’s Inn and went inside to join our friends.

We walked in and were standing in the middle of the dance floor looking around to find our friends. A lady spoke to us and we turned around and looked at her. She continued speaking for a few seconds then her eyes opened wide as she realized it was us. I actually didn’t recognize Michele initially. A couple of welcome hugs later, we were invited to join her table and participate in the awesome Italian buffet that was in progress.


We enjoyed the food and the company. Sharing stories back and forth on our journey over the last 10 years or so, what we experienced, how far we’ve come and what we’re excited about.

It was a honor to meet Mary & Morgan for the first time also. 2 very pleasant young ladies that their parents can be (and are) proud of.

It was a wonderful group of people gathered to help Michele & Rob celebrate, most of whom we did not know. Several of them stopped by to introduce themselves and to chat.

A band performed a couple of sets of various rock songs and were actually very good.

The time came to do the honors with the cake and Michele took the microphone to lead us in singing happy birthday to Rob. I was quite happy that they began serving coffee with the cake and we continued to enjoy more of this great company.


Finally, we needed to say goodbye and get on the road back to NYC. Another round of hugs and the festivities concluded. A wonderful time with great people and an awesome reminder that there is no greater gift on this journey than great friends and family.



One thought on “Ascent 150 – Birthday Celebration With Michele & Rob

  1. Such wonderful memories of you Mark and everything you have and continue to do for me!!! I loved when you didn’t recognize me😍 best compliment EVER!! Thank you for the beautiful roses!! I loved them! It’s an honor to call you my friend💖 so happy you and Sue could join us to celebrate our birthdays!!!! So happy you could finally meet our daughters and family!! I Love you forever my friend 💖😘


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