Ascent 147 – The Rogue Faux Pas

Tonight, I was driving home from New Jersey, crossing the George Washington Bridge as I had done a couple of hundred times before. I was chatting with a coach buddy on hands free, traffic slowed and I did the same, of course, then coming to a standstill.

I saw something moving fast toward me in the rear view mirror, realized the car wasn’t slowing down and managed to utter a non-coachlike phrase before the car hit me. The impact snapped my head back into the headrest and then pushed me into the car in front of me. And then into the car in front of it.

It was a surreal moment. Did that really happen? Did I just injure my neck. I didn’t want to move initially. After what seemed like several minutes, I put the car in park and stepped out to make sure everyone was okay.

Thankfully, everyone was. The car that hit me sustained the most damage. My car was banged in the front and read and was undriveable. The other two had minor bumps and were able to drive.

NYPD showed up and gave us a protective space while they took care of their formalities. They were extremely efficient and has us sorted out in next to no time.

My insurance company was lining up a tow for me and told me that they couldn’t get me off the bridge – the port authority had to do that – and I would get charged for it. My car was put on a flat bed and after a short ride, dropped me off on Amsterdam avenue in an interesting neighborhood.

My real tow showed up shortly thereafter and took me to their storage place at 126th st and 1st avenue in Manhattan. I had been intending to get into the city more albeit this wasn’t what I intended.

Sue showed up and retrieved me and we headed back to Queens. I had a post-accident craving for french fries, so we hit our favorite Greek place and accommodated that.

Thankfully, I’m okay and the insurance will cover the damages. Life is good.


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