Ascent 146 – Going Deeper with WordPress

WordpressI’ve been blogging with WordPress for 146 consecutive days and I love the platform. It’s simple and intuitive to use and has several great features built into it. When I write, I prefer to compose in my word editor program first, save it there then review & tweak before I post. Reason for this is that every software program will do something funky at some point, and I don’t like to lose content.

Locate some pictures to accentuate the text, upload and publish, and your done. It’s cool to check the stats periodically and see how many views & visitors, and where on the globe they are located.

When I learned that there is more to WordPress than just a blogging platform, I was keen to learn more. Turns out it’s a full-fledged website engine with some pretty awesome functionality available and a variety of themes and plug-ins to explore.

I switched my web domains over to a Managed WordPress site at 1 & 1 and am getting acquainted with the capabilities of hosted WordPress. Design is critical to the effective deployment of any website, and I’m evaluating the functionality I want my initial launch to provide, the content of the pages, navigation and which external components such as email autoresponder to incorporate. I choose to consider scalability and potential volume. If you go with an autoresponder that only allows 1000 email addresses, you’ve instantly limited yourself. Yes you can switch albeit that is a pain as folks on your list would need opt in again, and you may lose some subscribers.

It doesn’t mean we have to get a PhD in Cybernetics. It means just consider that Covey principle – begin with the end in mind. It will of course change and you will make the best choices for what you currently envision.

I’m a recovering IT guy and I do love techie stuff and playing with code, yet don’t want a full time job with it. I’ll be looking for the tips, tricks and short cuts to deploying the most effective site with the minimal necessary effort. I acquired on of the Dummies guides to support me in this first step. I’m not a big fan of the title albeit their content is very effective.

Time to get creative.


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