Ascent 145 – Stubborn – moi?

Interesting awareness came up for me today. I consider myself pretty enlightened, aware of stuff and fully in the moment.
2016-05-23 14.11.11A friend asked me what the Louise Hay Heal Your Body app had to say about necks, so I shared it. As I read it, I felt a vibe. I have a kink in my neck that I see a chiro for once a month.

I read through the energetic cause of neck problems and one word stood out for me – stubbornness. My instant reaction was that I’m not stubborn. Which was an indicator this was worth exploring further.

Being stubborn is locking into a particular way of thinking, a mindset, an expectation. It’s difficult to discern at times as it feels so right. There’s nothing wrong with being committed to your path – just don’t be too attached to it and be open to alternatives presenting themselves.

2016-05-24 21.05.43

2016-05-24 21.23.02

My stubborn face

I checked in on whether I had stubbornness in my space by using my favorite truth testing method – pendulum. And I got that I indeed did. The beauty of things like this is that, once you’re aware of the opportunity, you’re positioned to clear it. Which I instantly did using one of the awesome clearing techniques I have learned.

I checked in again and got that the stubbornness has indeed been cleared, which frees me up energetically for my journey to continue to unfold in the most optimal way.

One of the antonyms of stubborn is surrender. I can’t think of a better way than that to allow what is meant to flow as it should.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 145 – Stubborn – moi?

  1. Can you instantly clear a pattern? I’d be interested in learning if this awareness comes up again in a new symptom for you. Very interesting stuff Mark.


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