Ascent 144 – It’s In The Cards

tarotJust over a year ago, I received my first Tarot deck. Specifically, John Holland’s Pyschic Tarot. I’ve never worked with these cards before and it was an interesting experience.

I am still learning and I currently draw a card daily as part of my daily centering. It’s part of the intuitive process to hold the deck as you ground and center, then shuffle until you get a vibe to stop, checking that the card on the top is the one to draw.

There is a guide book that accompanies the cards that provides the meaning of them, insights into how to align with it and a reference to the traditional Tarot archetype it relates to.

Occasionally, I draw a card that doesn’t seem to pertain to me at all, and it often actually is for someone else. Thus, you don’t take it at face value as there is always something else to be revealed.

There is always so much information in the card also. The category – major arcana, minor arcana, chakra, etc., the artwork, the border color, the number on the card. All details that have additional meaning.

2016-01-09 17.05.31

Today’s Card

I am currently doing a daily single card reading for what is optimal to hold in my awareness today. There are additional formats, such as 3 card and 5 card that include the past and the future. I may delve into those sometime albeit am currently enjoying being present to the now.

I acquired the phone app also and utilize that when I don’t have access to the physical card deck.

Working with the Tarot is a wonderful exercise in opening up your intuition and receiving guidance on that which you’re seeking.


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