Ascent 142 – What the Bleep Do We Know

WTBI’ve had the Quantum edition of this mind-expanding movie for a while. Subtitled “Down The Rabbithole”, it is a wonderful introduction to what we don’t know about the world we’re in and what we perceive as reality. It’s 3 dual-sided DVDs, plus a bonus disc. There’s options to include additional commentary and scenes as the discs play. Overall, it represents many hours of exploration. I watched the first disc today – and the first foray down the rabbithole.


mmIt is a wonderful blend of one woman’s journey in life (Marlee Matlin) and how her eyes get opened beyond her daily struggles and she gets a glimpse of what is possible during her tumble down the rabbithole.

The story line is interspersed with dialog by some of the worlds top physicists, engineers, biologists and mystics, who provide fascinating insights into reality, behavior, reactions, conditioning and more.

I found myself relating so much to some of the scenarios that were depicted and the insights presented were massively helpful in seeing it all in a different light. More importantly, that it can be changed.

When they journey in the realm of quantum physics, it gets into topics that are intriguing albeit would take some serious study to fully understand. Although I would love to better understand some of these concepts, I’m completely comfortable with accepting those that feel like truth to me and being open to the others.

I loved the depiction of the water experiment of Dr. Emoto of Japan where separate samples of water were spoken to in different ways. One was kind & loving. The other was harsh & nasty. When frozen and viewed under a microscope, the sample exposed to love had beautifully formed water crystals whereas the samples talked hurtful to was a completely different story – distorted and malformed. A simple and powerful example of how our energy can affect the cells of that around us – including ourselves. Once you get this, would you ever talk to yourself – or any other person – in anything other than a loving way.

qmDr. Quantum was introduced, a cartoon character who was explaining certain concepts of quantum physics. One of them being the Observer Principle. Essentially this is where the act of observing causes the entity being observed to behave differently. Example being when you check the air pressure in your tires. The act itself requires you release some of the pressure, thus changing the state.

Some of the concepts, well most of them, are fascinating to me. Like the connection between elements, how perception shapes reality, and more. I shared on social media earlier that I would love to be a Quantum Physicist in my next journey. I can be right now, of course. In Peaceful Warrior, it states that you are what you are doing in the moment. Thus if I’m writing about Quantum Physics, what does that make me?

My personal journey and the coaching I provide are about awakening and transformation. To decide that you no longer wish to remain in your current state and you are completely willing to evolve into what is possible for you. This is all about joyfully going down that rabbithole with no knowing or expectation of what the end result will be. Only that it will be an amazing experience and the result will be perfect for you.


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