Ascent 138 – For The Love Of Photography

2016-05-17 20.28.39For my first today, I felt compelled to share about my love of taking photographs. More importantly, that I’m re-engaging with it and will get my Nikon out and about much more often.

I found myself getting a bit busy lately with income producing activities, commuting, study and life. Not that it’s bad, just found myself a little out of balance and not devoting time to my passions and my creative pursuits. I read a rather amazing article that brought it back into my awareness and triggered this shift. Plus I walk alongside a few amazing people that live their passion and who constantly inspire me.

I’ve loved taking pictures since I was a child. Remember those old 110 and 126 cameras that took the plastic cartridges? And the snap in flash bulbs? I used to take pictures of pretty much everything back then. I wasn’t that into composition in my early photography journey.

My first SLR camera was a Yashica FX3 that I got around 1978 from my mum’s catalog. I loved that camera and put a truck load of film through it. I played around with various accessories and filters, further enhancing the creative space. I was a big fan of black & white in my early days, loving the contrast and the mood that medium is so adept at capturing. This camera had a manual meter on it and the film was advanced by a lever. One of the greatest accessories is a polarized filter. This can rotate and control how much of the extraneous glare you remove from the picture.

After I had been in the United States for a couple of years, I upgraded to a Minolta automatic SLR and continued my 35mm quest. I was a believer that, if you take a quantity of pictures, you’ll get some good ones. While that is true, I was in the process of taking fewer pictures and taking the time to compose them better.

I resisted going digital initially, feeling that it wasn’t the true essence of photography. Until I received my first digital camera – an Olympus compact. I confess, I changed my perspective quite rapidly. I loved the digital format and the capabilities of it. Yet, something was missing and I knew what it was.

DSC_0256I’m an SLR man. (Single Lens Reflex). I knew I had to have an SLR and was keen to try the capabilities of the digital ones.

I love an SLR because it’s so much more versatile and, to me, really feels like you’re doing photography. There is a huge variety of accessories and lenses available for them, and they have the capability to take a massive quantity of photographs in a short period of time. And, there is so much more control you have over the shoot.

That said, I’m stunned with the capabilities of the little cameras in the current smart phones. The picture quality is astounding and some of the features offered are right up there. Having said all that about my passion for SLRs, I often leave my Nikon home, knowing my iPhone can handle any photo needs that arise.

Not any more. I am going to pursue my photography as avidly as I did in my early years and look forward to really unleashing my creativity.


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