Ascent 137 – Going Within

I’m a firm believer in the concept that you must have a personal journey before you can truly have a shared one. Essentially that you must know yourself – your body, heart, mind and spirit. Honoring those in the way that is most fulfilling for you. And knowing that which does not serve you enables you to have firm boundaries to ensure your precious energy is protected and retained.

To a degree, most of us are a product of our conditioning. The inputs, boundaries, limitations and fears of those with positions that influenced us. I believe that, for the most part, they were doing what they felt best. Or more specifically, what they themselves knew.

Once you make the decision that you’re going to own your journey and that you’re going to live authentically as you, an awakening process is initiated that is a profound experience. Not just one – it is a cyclical process of self discovery that takes you further and further down that rabbit hole of your own existence.

As a friend & fellow journeyer reminds me, some solitude is a necessary component of the journey at certain times as it is the energetic space where true connection with self is made. When an awakened traveler states they need some time alone, it’s not a reflection of you – it’s an indication of their commitment to themselves and their journey and must be respected. As they will respect the same for you.

This is a beautiful product of the journey: As you learn to trust your journey, you also inherently trust the journeys of others. All of our journeys unfold at the perfect pace in the perfect way. Sometimes they are in sync, other times they are not. And that is distinctly perfect.

Your opportunity is to understand, explore, live and appreciate your journey – that wonderful unique expedition you have been gifted with and to learn what it has to teach you, while being open to the utmost fulfillment it has to offer.

The answers are all within you. Some you’re ready for and others will be revealed in due time. Your part is be still and listen. To hear the messages that are there for you and to act appropriately upon them. Or, be still and open to fully comprehending the meaning for you.

It truly is amazing what is revealed to you when you disengage from the noise & energetic clutter around you, and go within to that amazing universe that is within you. Enjoy your journey.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 137 – Going Within

  1. I don’t visit your blog as often as I’d like to but titles as with scholarly material, movies and books, and blogs, are needed to call those in who need/want what has been imparted. It’s no coincidence that I find myself making the journey within a bit more lately. I appreciate your words. They give me fodder for reflection.


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