Ascent 136 – Decaf Cappuccino

It’s Sue’s sister Faith’s birthday today, and we were invited to join them for dinner at the Thyme restaurant in the quaint town of Roslyn, NY.

We wanted get out of the house so had left early, hit B&N then headed off for the park at Roslyn. After getting spooked by a critter in the pond – an eel or a snake, we headed over to the restaurant and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive.

2016-05-15 20.49.48

The food was, as always, excellent and was promptly consumed in the usual fashion. I don’t do dessert that often and opted to skip it tonight. As I’m on a quest to find the best cappuccino in this area, I was keen to try theirs. I heard Faith order a decaf one and, as it’s was 8:30pm, my coffee radar prompted me to do the same.

Don’t worry – I haven’t fallen of the wagon. I will be properly caffeinated in the morning hours. It’s just that I’m partial to a little sleep also and a late night shot of Long Island cafe would not be conducive to that intention.

Overall, I was impressed. Despite the lack of C8H10N4O2, this cappuccino was very good. It didn’t take the title though.

It was a great conclusion to a wonderful meal.


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