Ascent 133 – A New Chip

A first today in one of my favorite activities: Snacking. I confess, I LOVE to crunch & munch. Salty, savory snacks – especially spicy ones are one of my passions. What I wouldn’t do for a bag of Jalapeno potato chips …

Since I started journeying with health coach Ling So, I have dramatically cut down my snacking and have switched to healthier alternatives to satiate my occasional cravings. Initially, it may seem like your limited in choices yet, when you learn a few ground rules, you have a plethora of healthy, tasty choices available to you. (My new favorite chip is Garden of Eatin’ blue corn tortilla chips).

2016-05-12 20.03.14Today, I was at the store picking up a few staples (meaning: coffee) and I saw a coupon for a brand of chips I haven’t tried before. Actually, not just a brand – a type of chip that is new to my munching repertoire. Garcia Black Bean & Quinoa tortilla chips. They are certified GMO-free and are gluten free. The chips are round, 2” in diameter and are non-greasy. They have a satisfying crunch to them, a hint of salt and a pleasant mild flavor. You can taste the black bean albeit it’s not overpowering.

It’s a delightfully neutral chip that would go well with any hummus or salsa without competing with the flavor.

Your health coach would approve.


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