Ascent 132 – Mark, The Projector -Human Design Revealed

For today’s first, I’m sharing about my Human Design reading. I’ve heard about this modality for a while albeit did not actually move forward and have a chart done. When I joined my mentor Amy’s Ripple Magic program, it included a Human Design session, so I went for it.

The session was hosted by Burry Foss of The only information needed for a session is date, time and place of birth. The system does the rest.


Mark’s Human Design Chart

Human Design is a system that draws on Numerology, Chakra, iChing, Astrology and Kabbalah. There are 9 energy centers in the body and they are connected via a series of channels and gates. When a center is colored it is defined and is fully activated. When it is not colored, it is undefined and is sensitive to conditioning. Looking at my chart, the top two are defined, which means my mind is constantly active and doesn’t shut off. And at the bottom, the root is active, which primarily signifies I’m pretty grounded. Both of those are appropriate for me.

There are 2 columns of symbols that represent the various astrological elements at the birth time. The one at time of birth is black and represents conscious. There s a column 90 days prior in red – the unconscious. These apply to the activation of the channels.

The system has 5 major energetic types: Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Generator, Reflector and Projector. These are critical to know and understand as they are key to how energy is produced, utilized and how opportunities are created or attracted. Ever be around someone who you just feel tired being around? You’re ready for a nap and they’re starting 3 new projects. You could charge your cell phone just standing next to them.

I’m a Projector, which isn’t one of the energy dynamo types and I have to be conscientious of how I utilize and expend my energy. With an undefined Sacral center, I’m very sensitive to the conditioning energy of others. That’s why awesome people light me up and toxic people drain the life out of me.

A key aspect of this modality is to wait for invitations. I’ve devoted a lot of time, energy & money on trying to make things happen. Now, I’m aware it’s more optimal for me to receive invitations. My focus is thus on my mastery, which will create recognition and then produce invitations.

It’s so powerful to have this awareness as it explains how you are wired and that there is nothing wrong with you. It also helps you understand other people and know that is just their chemistry. Your interactions can then be adjusted to be the best fit for both of you.

The channels and gates are interesting too. You can have a partial channel and, if you interact with one who has the other half, a full energetic channel is created and the sparks can fly. It’s not about anyone completing you, rather that your energy complements each other for your collective good.

I gained some interesting insights into my business modalities also and know what is an optimal environment and activity for me to be productive and fulfilled.

I was amazed by the insights and clarity that came from this reading. I bought the book and am studying more about the aspects and nuances.

Please contact Burry if you would like a session to see what your Human Design reveals about you. Let him know I referred you.


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