Ascent 131 – Trust Your Intuition Day

2016-03-25 20.28.26

From John Holland’s Psychic Tarot

For my first today, I opted to go with another of those esoteric events from If you find yourself looking for the site, Google ‘what is today’ and it will come up.

So … what is this day about? We all know that we have intuition. Some are massively tuned in to it and some of us get nudges varying from barely imperceptible feelings to persistent thoughts, recurring events, and so on.

Yet how many of us actually TRUST that intuition? If you’re getting a strong instinct to do something, do you trust it and just go with it, or do you suppress it, analyze it, wait a bit to see if something else comes up? If you’re doing anything other than going with it, then your not trusting your intuition.

Your instincts are your innate survival system – your GPS for life. Your intuition will steer you away from things that are a threat to you and show the way to things that are right. Often, an instinct may feel ‘counter-intuitive’. That term is really an oxymoron as our intuition can’t be that. It’s fully intuitive by definition. A better phrase is ‘counter-conditioning’ as it is your life long conditioning that will dictate your level of trust and your willingness to act.

I was inspired by this day to really open up to my intuition and trust whatever came up for me. I didn’t get any radical inspiration. I haven’t joined the Foreign Legion, shaved my head or bought a ratty Triumph motorcycle to ride to LA on route 66.

It was more a day of being still and quieting my mind. Disengaging from the noise & the chatter and asking to be shown was optimal for me now. I got a few hits on things to focus on and I got some on things to not think about in the moment.

I utilize truth testing techniques to ensure something is truly right for me. This may sound like I’m not trusting. It’s actually a way to ensure I’m clear and not tainting the vibe I’m getting with something I think I really want to do, or not have to do.

I totally trust the guidance I receive. It’s what keeps me showing up one day at a time, and it is what would have me practicing Wing Chun in Hong Kong, if that was the clear signal I receive.

A key part of the trust is to be willing. To be open to whatever the Universe presents you with and to be fully willing to act upon it. You know that you are trusting when you feel peace. You may feel some excitement, yet you won’t experience fear or doubt.

Intuitive living is a beautiful way to journey, simply knowing what is right for you in each moment and how to best respond to whatever unfolds. Although I’m acknowledging this day marking the activity, it is a consistent part of my daily practice and I love showing others how to embrace it in their own lives.


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