Ascent 130 – Getting Excited

I had some clarity over the weekend that helped me shift out of an energetic quandary I found myself in. Also known as … a funk. (Yes, it happens to coaches, lifeworkers, healers also.)

It’s not that anything is wrong per se. I’ve got lots going on in my life, lots to be grateful for and so many prospects on the horizon. So many books to read, people to connect with, projects to conclude, start, participate in. So many things I want to do, be, experience, live. And, of course, I want to be doing most of them right now.

The obvious result of having too much going on is that you get overwhelmed and end up taking negligible action anything. It’s easy also to neglect your core priorities like taking care of yourself and find yourself not feeling engaged or lit up about anything. And that is not a good way to journey.

I’m currently in the corporate world in NYC and spend more than my fair share of time commuting. It’s a good job albeit my true passion is my coaching and making a difference in the world. Ultimately, to own my own retreat sanctuary where I can offer coaching, yoga, healing, meditation and host workshops with my many enlightened friends. Also to be able to travel to the places I love and those I have never been too, spending as much time as I wish in each.

My networking, projects, writing, study, etc. are all components of making my dream my reality. And it IS happening. It gets a little interesting energetically keeping everything going.

Photo (20)I found myself feeling a little bit blah and not fired up about things I love, like yoga. It’s not the activity, it’s the energy. I had the awareness of matching the list of the things I’m passionate about with how much time I was devoting to them. It was a bit of an eye opener. If something is your goal, your dream, your passion, wouldn’t you be putting some serious time & energy into it? If you’re not, there is a reason, and you can do the happy dance to celebrate as you have taken that first step to getting your mojo back. Yeah baby!

For me, it started with some inventory of all the things I had going on and some decisions as to what is optimal to focus on now, what needs happen daily, twice weekly, monthly and so on. Some projects, such as my study and reading, I needed to get sequential on and take them in order, so as not to squelch my brain with information overload. Self care is critical for me. Morning yoga, meditation and breathing. Eating well, moving my body, getting enough rest. Which further influences the time I have for other tasks and helps me to choose more wisely. The most critical element was the activities that light me up. The fun, the joy, the play. Notice how, as adults, we get more seriously and our to-do lists are more about our obligations than the things that fire us up.

That was the crux of the epiphany – that I wasn’t spending enough time on that which fired up my body, mind, heart & soul. Which is a tad ironic as these activities give me the passion to fuel the other items that I’m becoming more selective on choosing.

It’s not about becoming totally rigid and on an agenda. It’s about being intentional and choosing that which works best for you. What do you absolutely love to do? When was the last time you did it? All that stuff you know about health & fitness? How much are you applying it to your life?

YOU are the most important asset on your journey and you must make yourself your own top priority. Live, love, play, dance. Choose the energies, activities and people that make you feel vibrant and alive, then focus that energy on the business or vocational aspects. See how much more productive and fulfilled you become.

See you at the top.


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