Ascent 128 – Captain America – Civil War

2016-05-07 22.46.14.jpg

Tonight’s first was a fun frolic in the latest release from the Marvel Empire – and the third in the Captain America series.

Rated PG-13, with a run time of 2 hours and 27 minutes, the movie features several of our favorite heroes and a couple of new ones. I’m not about spoilers, so will do my best to convey my opinion of the message without giving away any key details.

The movie opened up with instant action and was an adrenaline rush from there. The usual gadgetry, weapons and effects were all over the place and the big screen was definitely the place to see this picture. I didn’t go for the 3D version as I like my 3D to be really worthwhile and I didn’t see reviews that convinced me it was worth the extra dinero to go that route.

As with all the movies in the series, there was a constant thread of humor, mainly with the wit of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

2016-03-08 14.56.51I wasn’t sure what to expect from this movie, as the previews depicted The Avengers divided and Captain America and Iron Man fighting each other.

The core of it for my was people making a stand for what they believe is right – no matter what the consequences are. And how strong the bond of friendship and trust can be. It takes courage to be committed to what is right. For me, choosing that which is right is a key component of having peace in your life.

Marvel continues their flow of amazing movies. I love how they integrate the Captain America films, the Iron Man films, and The Avengers, keeping the stories to play off each other and keeping the continuity of the characters and their relationships. As usual, the door was left wide open for the next sequel.


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