Ascent 127 – Purification in the Rain

TerryYesterday, I hosted a coaching buddy call and got to share energy one-on-one with my friend & fellow healer Terry Robnett of

Terry is a incredibly intuitive and has an amazing ability to pick up on things that are outside of our awareness. I’ve been on this path for a while and feel like I’m pretty clear, centered and in alignment. Then, talking with Terry, she brought up some funky energy in my field that was optimal for me to lovingly release.

I’ve learned several powerful energy clearing techniques over the last year and was contemplating which to use in this instance. I didn’t have to – Terry knew what was the optimal technique: Purification by rain.

It wasn’t raining last night, so I didn’t get to do the practice then. This morning, I get up at the usual 5:20am and enjoy my coffee as I do my prayer, gratitude and affirmations. I heard the sound of the rain against the windows and remembered my energy clearing assignment.

20803_10206408736952695_2758075448227872370_nI grabbed my keys, slipped on my tennis shoes and stepped outside in my PJs to do this clearing. The key part is to be open & willing, which I totally was. It was a bit chilly as I stood there, with my heart open and my gaze toward the heavens, feeling this cold pure water trickling down my body, cleansing away the last remnants of unserving energy from my field.

I then returned inside to the warm embrace of the shower, my energy feeling much lighter & brighter, feeling more in tune with me. This energy space was consistent throughout my day, which was phenomenal.

Loving this journey.


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