Ascent 126 – The Revenge of the Fifth

2016-05-05 20.32.05I was pleasantly surprised to see that today was a Star Wars “holiday” also. May the Fourth is Intergalactic Star Wars Day, leveraging that immortal phrase: May the Force be with you.”

The fifth is a play on Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, where the dark ones are given some airtime.

Not that we want to give too many kudos to the dark side of the Force yet, without it, the good would have had nothing to triumph over.

When Lucas and co were working on Episode VI – The Return of The Jedi, the studio wanted to change the title to The Revenge of the Jedi. Lucas steadfastly refused because the Jedi were incapable of revenge. That really resonates with me as it depicts a higher way of living. I am, of course, highly capable of revenge albeit I know that it will not serve me as will rob me of the peace, joy & fulfillment that I desire. Like they say: Living well is the best revenge.

Although just a story, the Sith and the Dark Side do serve to remind us that something good can be usurped and utilized for negative purposes. Look at most every significant development in science – the military had first access and looked for weapons applications. Just think if these breakthroughs and technologies were applied to improving & preserving life on this planet, not destroying it.

I do believe that, as more of us awaken to love, light, peace that the vibration of the planet will rise and the Sith will have to find a new home. As Obi-Wan said: There is always hope.


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