Ascent 125 – Numerology With Greer

My first today was a wonderful 30-minute session with numerologist Greer Jonas. I met Greer at a recent holistic wellness expo at Fitness R Us, in Flushing NY. I didn’t get a session that day albeit followed up and scheduled one for today.


I have explored numerology a little in the past and have learned some. There is no substitute for a session with a skilled practitioner.

Greer-sharing-the-moment1-1024x766Greer spent a few minutes explaining about the origins of numerology and the vibrations of the numbers. We then got straight into the details of my birth date. My Destiny Path is a 9, which is the primary vibration I need to be aligned with to fully live my purpose and be fulfilled. Gandhi was a 9, so I’m in great company.

This year is a 9 year. 2+0+1+6 = 9. This is a year of transformation and completion, which is excellent news for me. It’s a personal year of 1, which is a different energy and where the transformation comes in. Lots of things are going to be put in motion for me.

As a 9, I must be careful not to overthink and get caught up in that ‘analysis paralysis’. Action is key for me, no matter how small. It is critical to focus on thoughts and actions that bring joy. Which sounds rather good for me.

Greer shared that it is important to do something different everyday. Which is exactly what my daily blog of firsts is all about. See how on the money she is?

It was stated that, if I’m feeling bored or lazy then I’m not following my passion and to seek at least one thing to do to shift it in my favor.

Last year was a 9 year for me and, as Greer accurately stated, it was a roller-coaster year. Things are definitely calmer in this 1 year and I look forward to the new beginnings.

There were many other interesting things that were revealed in my session, that were dead-on accurate.

Our 30 minutes together flew by and I was amazed at how much information Greer shared solely from the numbers in my birth date. She offers longer sessions that will explore first, middle and last names, business names and more. Our session was via Skype albeit phone would work well also.

I was extremely impressed with Greer’s energy and knowledge of numerology and highly recommend scheduling a session with her. Let her know the coach sent you.

Here are a few resources and her websites:

Find your personal year

Find your destiny

About your business name

people can reach me at



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