Ascent 124 – Her Unfolding Journey

A few years ago, I had the inspiration to write a book, under the guidance of a mentor. My coaching & writing to date had focused on serving & supporting women, and my life was truly a journey of the unexpected. The title was pretty apparent: Her Unfolding Journey.

It’s a guide for women on waking up to wherever they are in life, reconnecting with their essence & dreams, re-engaging their passion and charting the course to the fulfilling life they desire. Stepping out of what is known, trusting the process and their heart, being uncomfortable with the unknown and letting all unfold.

I have the book pretty much completed and have had it copy edited. I opted to hold off from publishing for a little while. I am feeling the urge to re-engage with the project and look forward to seeing my work on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. More will be shared on the book at a later time.

Her Unfolding

The work on the book did yield some interesting unfoldings for me. I created a FaceBook group by the same name to commence building some awareness and establish some community of like-minded spirits. It’s a closed group where you post what you desire and ask questions without non-group members seeing what is shared. It is a space of sharing and inspiration as to what is possible on this amazing journey. An artist friend accepted the invitation to create an logo that embodies the concept. Please join us at:

I was chatting with my friend Carol Guy one evening on co-hosting a radio show on her Earth Angels Radio blogtalkradio station. During our conversation she declared that, as much as she would love to work with me, she has way too much on her plate and that I should do the radio show solo. Talk about getting out of your comfort zones! I was keen to dip my toes into this wonderful world and here I was about to be thrown into the deep end. I’m the coach who is all about claiming who you are, taking leaps into the unknown and blazing trails in uncharted territory. Of course I agreed.

And it was an amazing journey. Initially, it was just me talking solo. Then I opened it up to include some guests who had a message & passion in alignment with Her Unfolding Journey. It was a wonderful experience for me to connect regularly with these amazing spirits. I think I got more out of it than my listeners did. The show covered all aspects of the journey: spirituality, sensuality, relationships, business, growing, healing, and more. My shows are still out there in the archives, if you would like to check them out. Google “Her Unfolding Journey radio” and you’ll see the show links. If you listen to them, I’d love to know what you think.

I must confess, I have been feeling the urge to return to the air as I discovered a passion and a sense of who I am when doing a show or an interview.

My life is literally an unfolding journey. I honestly don’t know what is coming my way next and the only thing I truly know for sure is that it will all be perfect and in perfect timing.

To my fellow journeyers: I love you.


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