Ascent 123 – Leaping Out of Comfort Zones

In my ‘I Love Monday’ post on FaceBook this morning, I declared that I’m going to up the ante on the daily firsts and start pushing the envelope.

It’s all to easy to settle into comfort zones, even when you’re making a conscious effort to do something new every day. Okay, it can be cool to eat at a new restaurant, or try something new at a regular place. Big whoop de doo,

This journey is about excitement and fulfillment and it’s hard to achieve those when you’re staying in the comfort zone. This doesn’t mean you have to do something extreme every day. I won’t be base jumping or doing motocross anytime soon. And it doesn’t mean that I won’t have some low-key firsts either – it’s all about what appeals most on each day of the journey.

Feeling it's that time. Shall we?

Feeling it’s that time. Shall we?

The key is being willing and open to step out and really do something that is a first. Dust of that list of things you always wanted to do and be open to the opportunities to live into it.

There are so many amazing things that can be experienced on this life journey and I intend to check off pretty much all of them by the time I have to go to my next generation. (Dr. Who fans will get this.)

I love the challenge to do something every day that scares you. And to do something every day that excites you.

I’m excited to raise the bar on my daily firsts and I invite you to step up & live up with me.

Let’s leap.


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