Ascent 121 – Living Peacefully

For today’s first, I felt compelled to share about how I my life is peaceful. Know that my life has it’s share of stress, issues, chaos as many in the world.


A few years ago, I made the decision that I wanted peace to be the foundation of my journey. Simply making that decision, with the commitment to make it happen, was the beginning. As I embraced this concept, I started to choose more of what contributed to my being peaceful, which inherently caused that which didn’t to drop away.

I made a conscious decision to choose my battles and was acutely aware that something were just not worth the effort. More importantly, they weren’t worth sacrificing my peace over.

I love the Serenity Prayer. This has been the first words out of my mouth every morning for over 2 decades. I find it instantly grounding and assists me in not getting caught up in wasting energy over anything that I have no control over.

Choosing that which feels right in each moment was a huge part of it also. For many years now, I have made a conscious effort to make decisions that felt most right. Note – not just right for me – right overall. I believe that, when something is truly right, it is right for all parties involved. There are times when it is not pleasant, or not what I would want to do. Yet the fact that it is right, drives me to take the action.

As time passes, this act of taking right steps means that you have nothing to regret and nothing to feel guilty about. Sure, you may do something different if you had the opportunity again albeit that is the benefit of experience & wisdom. When you can honestly say that you did something because you believed it was right at the time, then you have nothing to feel bad about. This is a huge part of my space of peace in my life today.

When I lived in Indiana, I often traveled with young children, and felt I could better protect them if I were armed. I acquired a permit to carry a gun concealed, and carried it for several years – thankfully, never having to present it. One day, as I was sitting in the sun meditating, I heard a clear voice inside say that owning a gun was not compatible with the peaceful path I seek. The more I contemplated it, the more I knew it to be a truth and I relinquished the gun to a trusted friend.

My journey brought me to the fast moving, high stress world of New York City. It was easy for me to have a peaceful existence in rural Iowa. Anyone can have peace in solitude or in nature. The true test is how you can maintain your space in the midst of constant chaos. And NYC is the perfect place. Many don’t believe that my hour-plus commute doesn’t stress me and that I don’t get upset with other drivers. And, they are insane. I confess I do occasionally utter an invective when some kamikaze driver pulls an insane move at high speed and comes very close to causing an accident. But, it is temporary and my karma rapidly returns.

Which is a profound benefit of pursuing a peaceful existence. Like any pursuit, the more you practice, the more adept you become, the more conditioned you are. It becomes more difficult for people and situations to impact you. And, when they do, you are able to returned your peaceful state much more rapidly as it is now your core conditioning – your default state, your energetic home.

2015-09-28 19.07.21I began to practice yoga and meditation frequently and was given the opportunity to get certified as a Hatha yoga teacher. This path provides additional tools & techniques to further embrace an existence of peace and to better connect with what truly matters in this life journey.

I don’t have a quick hit to bring peace in your life – I just offer from my journey of what enabled me to bring peace into mine. Make the commitment to have peace and your path will be shown to you.



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