Ascent 120 – Not Enough Windows

I love the quote by Abraham-Hicks: “Sometimes you must live in a house with not enough windows to learn that you want a house with more windows.”

For me, this means that every experience of the journey has purpose – even those that don’t make sense or feel unpleasant. Thus, they are either fulfilling you or helping you to awaken to that which will fulfill you.

The opportunity is in how you perceive it and how you respond to it. When you have this awareness, it allows you to be open to the learning and to be in the flow, rather than resisting it and allowing it to disrupt your energy and waste your precious moments that could be worthwhile.

Abraham-Hicks is all about the Law of Attraction. It seems a little paradoxical that, when you are focused on attracting something that you think you want, you receive an experience that you don’t want. It’s actually an essential part of the process as you may not have the clarity on what it is that you truly want, so you get given an opportunity to experience what you don’t want, and ultimately know what you do want. What you truly want.

I believe also that some are not sure of what they want because they’re not fully aware of who they truly are. It’s important therefore to not be too attached to what you think you want because everything can change. Actually – will change.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want anything now or abstain from things until you feel you have fully awakened. It means be present to this moment, be open to your essential self and choose what feels right for you.

Let’s get some more windows.


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