Ascent 118 – My Coaching Story

It’s a wonderful feeling when you discover your purpose, your true essence. This happened with me when I discovered the world of coaching.

I had a bit of an awakening in 1991 when my son was born and a couple of other major life events, and found myself on the spiritual path. This caused me to reevaluate several aspects of my life & being and opened me up to discover who I truly was. Part of this was the epiphany that my job was more to do with people and little to do with technology.

In 2002, my wife at the time entered the world of home business as a Direct Sales consultant for a wonderful company out of Dallas. This instantly opened the door to the world of self-improvement and brought the inspirational & motivational icons into our awareness. At the time, I was a relatively happy IT guy, very focused on the corporate world and honing my skills in the technology arena.

When this new world was presented to me, I saw the light. I realized there was more out there and I jumped in with both feet. I enjoyed spending time with my wife and was excited about this new journey of discovery that we were sharing. I started participating in her business and accompanied her to many of her events, shows and trainings.

I was rather surprised to see not many men did the same and even more surprised when the women shared that their partners were unsupportive, negative and often hostile toward their business aspirations. This inspired me to understand this better and to see what could be done to open the men’s eyes to the opportunity they had with their partner, and open the women’s eyes to how their success was all about them and, although it would be nice to have, they didn’t actually need the man’s support to succeed. I wrote a couple of e-books on the topic and was invited to speak at a Direct Selling Women’s Alliance conference on the topic of partner support.

I had found a niche that was very near & dear to people’s hearts and I pursued more speaking and writing opportunities.

I was contemplating a 3rd ebook and I read a great chapter by a coach named Terri Levine in the book The eCode. I loved her message and attempted to contact her to see if she would be interested in collaborating on a book with me. Her website was The Coaching Institute and, as I perused the site, I couldn’t help but read about the world of coaching. My interest was getting piqued. I joined her mailing list and started to receive the coaching emails. Several of them referenced her coach education program and the more I thought about it, the more coaching seemed like the perfect modality to make a true difference with my passion. I scheduled a consultation and, after a 45-minute call with High Voltage Heather, I was invited to join the program.


I couldn’t get enough of the training. I loved the regular group calls, the study, the practice sessions, the buddy connections with fellow coaching students. It really felt like I had found my calling. I was assigned a phenomenal mentor coach who was one of the most gifted, natural coaches I have met. I absolutely loved the experience of embracing my inner coach and allowing the direction of my life to change.

In early 2007, I graduated as a Certified Comprehensive Coach and have been loving the opportunities to make profound changes in people’s lives and support them in achieving the fulfillment that they desire.

A few years later on, I was given the opportunity to give back and share the gift of coaching. I was invited to be a faculty member and mentor coach for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance Coach Excellence School. It was truly an honor and a great blessing for my coaching journey. One night, I was to lead a webinar for the coaching class and the power was out at my home. I did the call on my cell phone as one of the other faculty members managed the powerpoint slides for me.397847_3084388667147_1331422066_n

A friend once referred to me as a coach’s coach. Now, that’s an honor.

Simply, I love coaching. It is who I am and what I am about. I love contributing to the happiness, peace and fulfillment on the planet and in return, I get to experience more of the same in my life.

Coach … out


One thought on “Ascent 118 – My Coaching Story

  1. Love your story, Mark!

    “Part of this was the epiphany that my job was more to do with people and little to do with technology.” This got me thinking. I’ve always thought that riding horses was my “thing.” But when I taught kids and adults, I started seeing how it was more about the people and the horses were my assistants. Makes me wonder if I should start looking at coaching. Thank you for that!


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