Ascent 117 – First Allergy Test

Here I am at 54 years of age and I have never had an allergy test. Which, primarily sounds like a good thing as I haven’t been plagued with allergies.

I had a bit of a persistent cough a couple of weeks back and ultimately went to see my doctor, who prescribed a spray and a daytime decongestant. As my health coach Ling pointed out, the reason for the cough wasn’t actually identified. She asked if I had ever had an allergy test and, when I said I had not, she highly recommended I have one to see if there is anything seasonal or otherwise that I’m reacting to.

I’m keen to do anything that is going to move me forward energetically, so I made an appointment to get it done.

I arrived a little early and was given the usual paperwork to complete. In this day & age of computerized information, I’m surprised they can’t download any pertinent information. I didn’t have to wait too long before they called my name. As I stepped through the door, the nurse asked me to wait as she called a lady to come along too. She looked at me as she joined me in the aisle and I asked “are you going in there with me?” She laughed and said “do you need someone to hold your hand?” One must have fun wherever one is, right?

After the customary vitals, my arms were marked up with a Sharpie and panels of test substances were applied. While I’m waiting my phone buzzes with a voice mail. It was the doctor’s office I was at calling to remind me I had at an appointment. The call went quiet as she was about to say the time, as she probably realized it was past it, and I was already there. Few minutes later, the timer goes off and the doctor comes in to see if any of the tests had produced anything. Nada.

So, they take it to the next level and pull out an array of syringes. The nurse looked at the tattoo on my left shoulder and asked if I had one on the right also. As I didn’t, she switched sides. Apparently,the tattoo messes up the markings they use. Nice to know.

I lost count of how many jabs she applied and, thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. The timer was set again and I was left alone to hang out while the tests worked.

The timer goes off, doctor & nurse return to the room, and the second round is reviewed. Nothing. I’m not allergic to anything. Well, nothing that was in their test arsenal, anyways.

I confess that I did briefly ponder what I would do if they said I were allergic to coffee.

It was indeed comforting to know that I don’t suffer from allergies. I know many who do and I know it’s not a fun space to be in. I’m committed to continuing to improve my health & vitality to ensure I am able to enjoy each moment to the max.


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