Ascent 116 -Journey to Vitality

2015-12-24 02.42.44I’ve been focused on improving my health & wellness for a while. When my friend & fellow coach, Ling So, invited me to her health coaching, I jumped at the chance. I have known Ling for several years and have been impressed with the information, energy and perspective that she shares.

She is very thorough and starts by taking time to understand me, my current health state and where I want to be. She also ensures she knows what I like, don’t like and have issues with. I love my coffee and she ensured that it would work with the program she creates for me.

I’m a busy professional in a company in the NYC area, where there is a lot of stress, excessive commute time and limited time & energy for things outside of work. My primary intention of working with Ling was to increase my energy, vitality & endurance. I needed to lean up some and lose a little weight albeit that was not my primary focus starting out.

Ling ensured that I was willing to commit to the process and that I was going to implement the strategies that she shared with me. Having more energy is vital for me, and I made that commitment.

Ling adds delicious healthy foods to my diet. No starvation, no deprivation. She suggests organic gluten free and dairy free frozen pizza that I can buy to heat up in oven. You all know how much I like pizza!!! NY is the capital of pizza! 🙂

Snacking is one of my downfalls as I LOVE crunchy, salty snacks – especially the spicy ones like Jalapeno potato chips. Ling provided alternatives to me in this arena also which allowed me to satisfy my occasional cravings (Which actually happened less after the other changes) with healthy alternatives.

As we’re friends on Facebook, and she reads my blog, she knows that I eat out quite often – and she also knows the kinds of foods that I would get. Ling offered great insights and options to allow the eating out to continue but to maintain certain boundaries to ensure the progress was maintained.

One of the more significant dietary changes for me was the direction to eat an avacado a day. Not a big deal for most – I don’t like avocados. Well, I didn’t. Thankfully, when I get something is beneficial to me, I can override my dislikes and give it a shot, knowing the payoff will come in the result. And, I’m actually starting to enjoy avocados today. I eat salads a lot more regularly and Ling provides a wealth of information and options to keep it interesting & satisfying. I used to eat lots of canned veggies. Ling encourages me to eat more fresh leafy greens which give me more phytochemicals, phytonutrients. Lings also suggest me how to shop nutritious foods for home & eating out inexpensively! Ling help me to gain more energy, strength & vitality by eating real foods, no medicine, no supplements! All natural! She took extensive training in identifying what high quality supplements you need. She wants me to experience this “Eat Real Food Lifestyle” first. 

Ling guided me in adding a few simple & quick exercises to my day and secured my commitment to doing them – which I did.

My initial concern was that I wouldn’t have the time for it, or that organic everything would be too expensive. I was wrong on both counts. Ling has options for those also and has ways to make it all work for what ever the lifestyle & schedule permits. Her program can be adjusted to provide maximum benefits for any budget. If you have the willingness, Ling has a way.

My intentions were recognized: I do indeed have more energy & vitality. I’m more alert at work and have more energy afterward for other things that matter to me. I find myself not having those afternoon slumps that come from eating a dense, un-nutritious meal and I’m also sleeping better. Although weight loss was not a core requirement for me in this round, my belt is looser and my weight is down 5 pounds. Summer is a couple of months away and I have made the intention to not buy any new clothes until I’m ready to go down a pant size. Which is not too far away now, thanks to the insights, expertise and coaching greatness of Ling So.

Ling’s passion is supporting us in achieving the maximum level of health, vitality & fitness that is possible, so we can enjoy our life journey to the absolute maximum. I am deeply grateful that I have her alongside in my health & fitness quest, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make profound, long-lasting changes in their health and wellness.

To connect with Ling: Email at or send a friend request at Facebook.

Like her Facebook [age and check out her website



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