Ascent 115 – Fitness R Us Wellness, Healing & Psychic Fair

2016-04-24 16.21.23My friend, Joanne Barry, invited us to attend the event at her facility today. Joanne is the owner & trainer at Fitness R Us in Flushing, NY. In addition she does Reiki, card readings, meditations and more.

I love attending events like this as it’s a congregation of like-minded spirits and great energy.

We arrived around 3pm, and the event was well underway. There was a wave of good energy that hit you as you walked in, and I was excited to see who all was here. Joanne was in the middle of a reading, so I didn’t say hi to her straight away.

There were 2 or 3 vendors set up stairs. I chatted with for a while with a lady by the name of Susana who was representing DoTerra essential oils. It was an interesting conversation and I took some literature for later reference.

The lower part of the studio had 6 or 7 more vendors offering Feng Shui, Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Reflexology, Energy Work, and more. Our friend Nicole Adamonis was present also offering her Angel Card readings & Reiki. Nicole is a fellow yoga teacher, an aesthetician and always a great energy to interact with.

I met an interesting young lady who is also involved with the essential oils and also many other forms of healing, coaching and energy work. She was not a vendor at the event and was just attending and lending support. I look forward to learning more about her work at a later date. Definitely a worthwhile connection.

Sue and I participated in the raffle and look forward to learning if we won a session with any of the great folks at the event.

I did get to catch up with Joanne and chatted with her for a little bit. As she was in the middle of coordinating an event, she couldn’t stand still for long. Joanne hosts a variety of energy events in her studio including yoga, reiki, Full Moon & New Moon meditations, Queens Psychic Club monthly meetings and more.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t have too many great people in your circle. I love events like this where we get to connect with a few more.


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