Ascent 110 – First BlueTooth Keyboard

A technical first for me this evening. The current generation of mobile touch-screen devices are truly amazing. The functionality of them is truly mind-boggling with “there’s an app for that” for just about anything one can think of.

One aspect of these compact devices that I don’t particularly care for is the touch keyboard. Granted, with predictive text and auto-suggest, one can type quite rapidly with thumbs. And, on the tablet, it’s more index fingertips, if the device is held up in it’s stand. Otherwise, it’s the good old thumbs again while you try and hold the device.

This may be workable for a brief message yet when it comes to writing something substantial like an email, article, blog post, etc., typing becomes arduous. I want to let my words flow and not have my focus diverted with a cramped character set on a small screen.

I’m an old-fashioned QWERTY guy and do get around a regular keyboard quite deftly. I made the decision that I wanted to acquire a BlueTooth keyboard to resolve my typing woes with my beloved portable electronics.

There is quite a variety out there, ranging in price from $15 to over $100. I like my technology simple and don’t care to spend on functionality that I may not use – no matter how cool it is to know that I have it. (I’m probably sounding like a traitor to my gender).

Following suit with the majority of my product research these days, I opened up Google and entered ‘best bluetooth keyboard for android’. And a large quantity of articles and surveys popped up. I made note of a few top performers that were in the $40-70 range. Expensive is not always the best and cheap is not always the worst. As I continued down the reviews, I saw the Anker Ultra Compact BlueTooth Keyboard for $20. The review was outstanding, the unit was reliable, sturdy and performed as well as units 2 or 3 times the price. And, it’s compatible with Android, Windows & iOS. The decision was made and mine was on it’s way.

2016-04-19 19.45.26

It’s neat unit. About 12×5” in white plastic. The keys are pleasantly space and have a nice tactile feel to them. I paired it with my LG tablet and tried it out. I had to open the app and initiate a writing point. After that, the keyboard did it’s thing perfectly. A little bit of a delay due to the wireless connection albeit overall it was very impressive. Next up will be to pair it with my iPhone and see how that interacts.

I’ll be giving the keyboard a workout over the next few days to see how it really performs. Perhaps I’ll start writing my blog posts on my tablet instead of my laptop. Oh, the possibilities….


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