Ascent 109 – Celebrating World Heritage Day

My journey of firsts has opened me up to exploring my heritage. Thus far, it’s spanned English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish. When I saw today was World Heritage Day, it seemed appropriate to declare that as my first.

Heritage is a beautiful thing and, to me, is essential to preserve. Whether the places & artifacts of a country or the languages & customs handed down throughout the centuries. It’s all threads in this beautiful fabric that is life.

I’ve traveled quite a bit, both growing up in a military family and by choice as an adult. While the big cities are awesome, I love getting into the country and smaller communities to truly get a feel for what a culture is about. And the more people I meet, the more diversity I encounter, the more alike I see that we all are. Essentially, we are one and, at some point in the journey, we all share a common heritage.


Not all aspects of our heritage are glamorous albeit they all need to be remembered – some so that they are not repeated. Ie: Where conflict & war were involved. I love the phrase: If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Thus our opportunity is to celebrate our roots & customs, acknowledge the darker times of history and focus on preserving the essence & core of the heritage.

Most importantly, we must not let our diverse identities create separateness & segregation. Let’s all admire the unique heritage in each other and celebrate our unity.


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