Ascent 107 – Jungle Book Revisited

I saw a preview of Jungle Book 3D when I was at the IMAX for the Force Awakens. I’ve loved this story since I was a child and was instantly captivated by the upcoming release.


It released on Friday and I suggested to Sue that we see it tonight. She hadn’t seen the Disney animated version, and played the King Louie song while en route to see if she was familiar with it.

As we approached the ticket booth, we saw the show was flashing ‘Sold Out’. So, the decision was made to return home and watch the original Disney movie. A quick purchase on Amazon Prime and we were in business. It’s probably been over 15 years since I watched this movie with my young ones.


It was just as fresh and engaging as the first time I saw it, with the endearing characters, delightful humor and the catchy music.

Now, the jungle fever is there and I’m excited to go see the new 3D version when the crowds subside.


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