Ascent 104 – Day Sans Meat

This is not my first day without any meat in my meals albeit it is my first to do so intentionally. Our yoga retreats as vegetarian and I’ve survived several of those without any form of animal protein. I confess we make trails to the burger emporium when the the retreat was over.

Today it was a different scenario as I opted to go meat-free for the day. I’m still dealing with a cough and my health coach advised I drop meat from my diet for a couple of days to allow maximum energy for my body to fight whatever it is that has me down.

Breakfast is always a protein shake, so that was a no brainer. Lunch and dinner were different opportunities. I prepared my usual lunch salad with romaine, kale and avacado. It was actually quite good just like that with a toasted red pepper dressing. I had quick oats and apples to help sustain me throughout the day and keep me on track.

Dinner was a different opportunity. I found that myself in a good space having reminded myself of the commitment and had a simple dinner of a lentil vegetable soup and half a sweet potato.

Interestingly, I did not feel like I was deprived throughout the day and I didn’t experience that mid afternoon slump either.

Am feeling this first could become a more regular practice for me.


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