Ascent 103 – My Entrepreneur Hero

Although I’m currently employed in the corporate realm, my heart is in the entrepreneur universe. Everything I do is a step closer to doing that which I love to do and make a difference in the lives of others as I do it.

I’m honored to share this journey with many amazing guides, mentors & coaches. I’m greatly indebted to many and my acknowledging one individual by no means diminishes the love I hold for all who influence & support my journey.

2016-04-12 20.51.25I’ve been a fan of Richard Branson since the 1980s, when I made visits to his Virgin record store in London. At the time it was THE most impressive store of it’s kind anywhere. After transitioning to the United States in 1984, the first trip home that I made was via Virgin Atlantic. The airline was relatively new, had one plane and the flight was delayed waiting for a part to arrive from Boeing in Seattle. I’m a big aviation fan and have total trust in the process and was confident the plane would be safe to fly in. I can honestly say Virgin was the most enjoyable flight I can remember. And, I have flown a lot.

Over the years, one could not avoid hearing the Virgin name. The brand constantly flourished and grew, with a reputation for acquiring organizations that matched the Virgin mission and then leaving them to do exactly what the did the way they did it.

2016-04-12 20.50.35Sir Richard was the visionary behind it all. His passion, respect for people and love of this planet are simply incredible. He has a zest for life and experiencing it’s fulfillment that really appeals to me. I love his quotes and his simple messages on what living and being truly successful are all about.

I have joked before that he is the billionaire I aspire to be. In essence, he is the entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist I aspire to be. And, following his inspiration, I’ll do it MY way.


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