Ascent 99 – Shaken, Not Stirred

My first today shares my love of the James Bond movie franchise. It is the longest running movie series in history and I have seen every one of them. The first movie, Dr No, came out a year after my birth – 1961. I watched it a few years later.

Who doesn’t love that sauve, debonair English spy with the Aston Martin, vodka martini an aptitude to escape certain death, save the world and get the girl?

Granted the movies are rather predictable yet that part of the allure. They contain a wonderful mix of suspense, action, campy humor & wit, flash cars, cool gadgetry and the triumph of good over evil.

Bond4My all-time favorite Bond is Sean Connery. Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig do an admirable job albeit Connery just has the edge. Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby and David Niven did a movie each but didn’t really get on the Bond radar.

Q, played by Desmond Llewelyn, was one of my favorite characters, appearing in 17 of the movies and constantly frustrated with Bond’s attitude and total disregard for the high tech equipment.

One of the tweaks I really like also was casting Judi Dench as M. She is extremely classy and played the role of Bond’s superior brilliantly. She was not captivated by his charm & antics and held him to the line. Well, as close as you could get Bond to it.

A few liberties were taken with the later movies, such as putting Bond in BMWs instead of the iconic Aston Martin and replacing his classic Walther PPK with an HK compact. The later movies with Daniel Craig did bring back some of the original concepts, updated to suit the present day.

I think the movies had me dreaming about owning a Lotus Esprit for a few years. To this day, I still perk up when I see one.

It’s been an amazing 50+ years with Bond. Am excited to see where the franchise goes next.


One thought on “Ascent 99 – Shaken, Not Stirred

  1. It’s cool to think about lasting characters. He’s a bit of a hero I think. There were a few Bond movies that I really enjoyed but I think the year Timothy Dalton was introduced I jumped ship. I finally decided to see Daniel Craig in action and was surprised that while he is a bit more of a thug than Sean Connery, his looks and powerful presence are undeniable.


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