Ascent 98 – Loving POTO

For today’s first, I felt inspired to share about my love of one of my all-time favorite musicals – The Phantom of The Opera.


I really wasn’t that into any musicals up until the mid-2000’s. The exception being Jesus Christ Superstar which I saw live in London in the 70’s and had the movie DVD for a couple of decades.

POTO DVDI was introduced to the music of POTO by my ex who had seen it on Broadway before we met. She was playing the soundtrack and the music instantly captivated me. I was in Indianapolis at the time, and a live performance was a little out of reach. Sooo, I acquired the movie version on DVD and played that over and over, absorbing all the energy from it. When the 25th anniversary performance at the Royal Albert Hall was screened at theaters, I had to attend and enjoy the big screen energy and amazing sound.


MarkPhantomI got to dress as the Phantom for a couple of Halloweens and that remains my go-to costumer today. A mask, a cape, shirt with French cuffs, a cravat and voila! You will curse the day you did not do … all that the Phantom asked of you.

It’s difficult for me to pick a favorite song as I love them all. If I was put on the spot to pick one, I would go for Music of the Night.

And then, I came to live in New York City and had access to Broadway. We were downtown one day with tickets to the Fantastiks. After that, we were walking toward Times Square and saw a sign on the TKTS Booth – Tonight only – POTO 50% off. It didn’t really constitute a decision. We got in line, had a picture taken with some guy in the pink bunny suit from Christmas Story and scored 2 tickets for the Phantom that evening.

We found an authentic Japanese restaurant for dinner, where they cook kneeling down, serve the food to you on long paddles and holler something loudly in Japanese as they hold the curtain open so you can get to the restroom. I never did find out what exactly they were proclaiming.

After a couple of block stroll to the Majestic Theatre, we waited in line with a couple of hundred other eager fans. And then – it was show time! The curtain went up and I was totally captivated as I finally got to experience my favorite musical on the Broadway stage.

If you get the opportunity to see it on Broadway, please go for it. It’s all I ask of you ….


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