Ascent 93 – La Rotonda

Today was our friend Jessica’s birthday and she chose to get a few friends together at La Rotonda restaurant in Great Neck, NY. A first for me as I have yet to eat at this establishment.

It’s a small rustic restaurant with great ambience and an enticing menu. As I’m focused on eating clean, an Italian restaurant in New York City presented a little bit of a challenge. Despite holding the intention I would not partake in the bread, I did succumb to one slice of the Italian bread.

2016-04-02 20.31.30Previously, I would have taken in more of the bread, ordered an appetizer and gone for one of the decadent pasta dishes, such as Pasta Puttanesca. (Pasta of the Whore). I perused the menu looking for something that would stay relatively close to the clean eating guidelines. Chicken Marsala stood out for me, with chicken cutlets, mushrooms, grilled vegetables and potatoes.


One of our party ordered calamari with spicy sauce and I did have to sample a little bit of that. It was perfectly cooked and the sauce was the ideal blend of tasty & spicy. The Marsala was delicious and my involvement in the conversation ceased whilst I enjoyed my meal. (Multi-tasking is not my forte).

2016-04-02 21.01.29

2016-04-02 21.16.03

A birthday cake suddenly appeared and, after the obligatory pictures, song & candle blowing, I did accept a slice. Continuing my quest to find the best cappuccino in this area, I ordered one up to accompany the chocolate cake. I rarely eat dessert these days and this was a special treat. The cappuccino was good albeit Aunt Bella’s on Marathon Parkway still holds the title. The quest continues.

Good food and good company – a great way to spend an evening.


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