Ascent 91 – The Core of Being

A first today in a full day of consciousness around being. I’ve strived to be present and in the now for quite a while and, for the most part, consider myself adept at it.

In a recent conversation with a coach friend, we were having a delicious discussion on whether we’re being that which we aspire to be. Ie: If you aspire to be a best-selling author, how much are you writing now? If you have a goal to complete a marathon, how much running are you doing today? If you have the intention to rock the world with coaching, how are you showing up as a coach on a daily basis?

Essentially, it’s holding space for that which you envision being right now and allowing your present to define your reality. If you intend to write a best seller, run a marathon and be a top coach, that presents an interesting twist albeit just adds a couple of additional facets to how you show up.


There are times when you show up fully in that energy and there are times when you show up with it under the surface. Either way, it’s defined in your core essence and is going to influence how you show up in whatever it is you’re presented with. This doesn’t mean I show up in coach mode constantly, ready to engage people and support them in healing, reconciling, ascending, etc. It means I show up in coaching energy and allowing that to guide me throughout the events & turbulence of the day.


We know that practice makes the master and, while not actively engaged in the implementation of your core, you are operating out of your core and strengthening your connection with your vital essence and making tangible progress to it becoming more of your reality.

And, the beauty of this is, as you become more conditioned to the energy of your core, the closer to it you will be and the quicker you can return to it if you become unsettled.

It often feels counter-intuitive to hold the core space instead of aligning with the energies of the moment yet it will serve you in a more empowering was as you will be operating from a higher purpose than those around you.

I love knowing who I am in my core and showing up in that space no matter what. I will continue this mindfulness as my journey continues.


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