Ascent 90 – Putting the Art in Articulation

My first today was to contemplate how the digital world has shifted the reading & writing capacity of the general population. I was inspired by a blog post in an email from Cathy Goodwin, PhD ( the blog post is:

The blog described the home page and how copywriting & home pages go together for effectiveness on the target audience. It emphasized how online readers typically scan online content. I do find myself scanning and skimming myself, especially on email subjects and then open those that catch my eye. I will then fully read the content when I have time to do so. That is the emphasis for me – making time to read properly.

FullSizeRenderIn this world or IM, texting & tweeting, there is a whole new breed of shorthand that is prevalent in our society. Granted, there is the time for a brief text yet it’s a debilitating habit to practice that brevity in all communication. I’m not a grammar snob albeit I do strive to take advantage of this wonderful language we have been blessed with to interact with the world at large, and express myself appropriately.

When I was younger, I was an avid reader and I believe that was key to my appreciation of the language today. My son was one also and had a college-level vocabulary at 8 years old. I truly believe that reading is one of the greatest activities young people can do as part of their education, evolution and development of communication & expression. Among my heroes are the teachers whose devotion is to convey this awareness & passion.

I’m blessed to have many great writers in my circle who enlighten me daily and remind me of what a privilege it is to have this great gift of language and I commit to practicing it fully each day.


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