Ascent 89 – Salad with Fish & Chips

Definitely a first for me and potential banishment from the Empire: Salad with my fish & chips!

Fish and chips

I’m a Brit and certain things are simply hard-wired in my DNA. A love of the fried fillet & spuds is one of them. As I’m on a mission to eat more clean and part of that is to have half my plate with uncooked leafy green veg, I had no option but to cross the line.

I prepped the food in the usual fashion, except I cut down the number of fillets and the quantity of fries to bake. As that was being heated to perfection, I prepared the rest of the meal – a large bowl of romaine and kale.

After what seemed like an eternity, the timer pinged and I deftly transferred the patriotic morsels to the plate, and delivered them to the dining table. And then, the green invasion began. I followed my instructions and covered half the plate with salad. A dash of Thousand Island, a little tartar on the fisht and malt vinegar on the fries, and it was showtime.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal with enough protein & starch to be satiated, enough greens to feel full without feeling stuff and, most importantly, the knowing of taking a step forward in health. My ancestry may not approve of my deviation with this hallowed national dish, and that is okay.

Carry on


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