Ascent 85 – Solely Intuition

For today’s first, I opted to allow my intuition to guide me all day. Like most other things I write about, it’s not the first time I’ve tapped into the resource – it is a first to make a conscious effort to let it drive all day.

2016-03-25 20.28.26

I love the Psychic Tarot cards by John Holland and pull a card daily to show what to hold in my awareness. Today I pulled the Intuition card and, after studying it’s details and reading the associated text, I made the decision to get out of my head and let everything come to me intuitively.

There are, of course, many things in the day that just happen, or we may have a particular schedule that we must adhere to. Yet, intuition can guide you in and through those things, in addition to guiding you in what is the optimal next step for you.

Intuition for me, is a sense of inner knowing, a discernible pull toward something. Other times, it’s a simple image or a word as to what to do in this moment. It is often counter-intuitive (How’s that for an oxymoron?) in that it feels contrary to what your logical mind – or ego – is conditioned for you to do.

I choose to trust my intuition and follow the guidance that I receive.

I did find that my day overall felt like it flowed smoother and maintained a higher space of energy. In a typical day, I have felt like the ball in the pinball machine, being batted around and bouncing off everything.

I loved the result of letting go and opening up fully to my intuition and will ensure this is a foundational part of my daily routine ongoing.


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