Ascent 82 – My Take on Non-Violence

In the wake of another senseless terrorist attack in Europe, many were angry and hollering for revenge and swift retribution on the perpetrators. My first today is to share my perspective around non-violence. Note that I have grown up in a Royal Air Force environment, have lived on bases with some of the most significant firepower on the planet and am grateful to live in a country where the Citizens have the right to own firearms.

A good friend of mine posted about how long will we respond to violence with non-violence, essentially allowing the evil to continue to propagate. I responded that non-violence does not mean that a threat or terrorist act is not responded to – and with any means appropriate – including armed force. It is just done the right way and against the right target.

If the allies had not been willing to step up against Nazi Germany in WWII, this world would be a markedly different place today. Men & women stood up to defend & protect that which they held sacred and to help liberate those who had that taken away from them.

I am a pacifist yet if anything were to threaten my family, I would do whatever is necessary to protect them. Just what is needed to negate the threat. Ideally, I would want to ensure that no threat ever appeared again albeit that is not realistic. I can’t possibly predict & mitigate every potential situation in the future.

The same is true with those who wish to inflict evil & terror on those who wish to live in peace. It is not possible to ensure no other individuals or groups will appear to wreak their havoc. How much preparation should one do? My choice is to live in peace and to enjoy this life journey to the fullest. If I’m armed to the teeth clad in kevlar then that is not living that purpose and the terror pundits have essentially won.

Yes, the security forces, peacekeepers and armed forces of the free world must be vigilant to enforce the peace and the rest of us do our part by getting on with our lives and living in the way that is highest for us.


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