Ascent 81 – World Poetry Day

Acknowledging this day is my first. I am a sporadic poetry reader with the majority these days coming into my awareness via Facebook posts, or as supporting prose in a book that I’m reading. My main involvement was in school in the English Literature classes. From those days, the one that stuck in my mind the most was The Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge Taylor. Who can forget that classic line “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink”.

Ancient Mariner

I have some poets in my space. Sue has had her work published. Several of my friends on social media are gifted poets and often share there gifts & passion with us.

Poetry is indeed an art form and as varied as any other and adds vibrance & color to our journeys. There are perfect poems for down days, up days and any other days in between.

I remember a short sci-fi story that showcased the importance of the poet: The world was in a constant state of war. In order to maintain this state, it was essential that everyone became a specialist of some sort. Everyone was conscripted and trained in a particular skill or science that benefited the war machine. The day came where the war was in gridlock. Neither side could advance against the other, with all their specialists. An observer determined that a different energy was needed and they needed to find a poet. So, the order was issued to bring in a poet. To their dismay, they were unable to find one as everyone has been converted to a specialist.

March 21st as World Poetry Day was adopted by UNESCO in 1999. What a great tradition to keep alive.


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