Ascent 79 – Avocados – Moi?

A definite first for me today – adding avocados to my diet. I started working with Health Coach Ling So and am committed to doing whatever it takes to cleanse my body and optimize my health & fitness.

During our call today, Ling said she wanted me to eat an avocado every day. The avocado is described as a superfood and has many tangible benefits to our health and wellness. There is one caveat for me … I don’t like them. There is just something about the taste that doesn’t work for me. I rarely eat guacamole and can only remember two times in recent history: At a restaurant in Puerto Vallarta where it was made fresh at the table, and at a Chipotle restaurant where, in a brief flash of health consciousness, I asked for a dollop on my burrito bowl.

This comes down to commitment to me. If eating an avocado means I achieve what I desire, then I will find a way to make it work. Am sure there are things I can do to improve the taste for me. I can split it between 3 or 4 meals so I’m not ingesting the whole thing in one sitting. I will be doing the first one this evening and I am excited as it is a step toward that which I desire.

2016-03-19 15.08.35

I was actually at the grocery store when Coach Ling gave me the direction, and they happened to be on sale. 10 fresh avocados came home with me.

After a little research, I learned also that the avocado is an aphrodisiac …


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