Ascent 76 – Rogue InThe Sun

Today was absolutely gorgeous – sunny and in the low 60s. Not exactly tropical albeit warm enough for me to do my first lunch in the new Rogue.

Last summer, it was a regular occurrence. I spent many lunchtimes sitting in the back with the hatch up or sitting outside in a beach chair. I absolutely love spending time out in the sun and I enjoyed camping out in my car.

2016-03-16 12.05.54

Today was the day to carry on the tradition with Finn – my new storm trooper-ish Rogue. The 2016 is a little roomier than the previous model year and the hatch is more accommodating to park one’s derriere in. I had my lunch and my ever-present cup of coffee and assumed the position in the hatch. It’s my son David’s birthday, so I got to wish him a happy birthday from my new vantage point. I know they don’t mention casual dining in the vehicle brochures albeit if you’re in the market for a fresh new car and the occasional meal in a parking lot appeals to you, you’ll love the Rogue.

I know this first is the beginning of a new summer love.


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