Ascent 75 – Health Coaching with Ling


My first today was to accept a health challenge offered by my friend and fellow coach, Ling So. We have been friends for several years and have interacted a few times. We have discussed some collaboration in the coaching / mentoring arena and are exploring potential opportunities.

One of Ling’s specialties is Health Coaching. I’ve often enjoyed the insights she shared around eating clean, hydration, exercise, nutrition and more. When she invited me to experience her health coaching, I jumped to the opportunity.


Health and wellness is a core modality for me. I intend to live the most fulfilling journey possible, making the rest of my life the best of my life, and this physical body is the vehicle that it will happen in. So, it makes sense to give it the best possible care. Overall, I eat pretty well. Don’t overeat too often, rarely do desserts, drink lots of water, watch my portions. I practice yoga often and get out to walk as I can. Yet, I also drink lots of coffee, spend way too much time on my derriere, am rather fond of crunchy snacks and have some opportunities to improve.

When I went hiking last year, I was shocked to have to sit out the second uphill hike and I vowed that would not happen again.

Ling started off the session establishing what my health and fitness goals are. Overall fitness and endurance were top of my list. Also, losing the occasional back pain I’ve been experiencing. She explored my current lifestyle, exercise level, nutrition, rest habits and so on, to gain a comprehensive picture of where I’m at and what needs to change to get me to where I want to be.


Nutrition was the first order of the day and we’ll be going through the pantry, discarding anything that is not beneficial and going shopping for that which is. Detoxification and eating clean ongoing is the intention. A healthy body gives a healthy mind was mentioned several times.

Hydration was the next opportunity as it was determined I need to up my water intake. Especially as I drink the quantity of coffee I do. Ling also suggested reducing the amount of daily coffee. Believe it or not, I didn’t go into cardiac arrest and I am willing to try whatever she recommends. Yes, I love my coffee albeit am willing to do whatever it takes to be in the space I desire. If you have stock in a coffee company, now is the time to sell.

I will be increasing my water intake, starting first thing in the morning and continuing throughout the day.

We will start the first clean week this Sunday so the next few days will be spent clearing the space, getting acquainted with the program and preparing to experience great improvements in my energy.

You can learn more about Coach Ling So at


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