Ascent 74 – International Ask A Question Day

AskQuestionFor my first today, I chose another of the ubiquitous holidays that we often overlook. Amongst other awesome events (Like pi Day), I chose Ask A Question Day because I love questions.

I love the adage ‘There are no stupid questions.’ Of course the only one that fits that category is the one you decline to ask. From an early age, my son Christopher got this. He knew that asking questions is the way that you learn.

All improvement in human history came about because someone questioned the status quo, or questioned if there were a better way to do it. When we’re challenged, we rise to meet it. It’s simply a part of how we’re wired.

As I entered the awesome world of coaching in 2005, I learned the phrase: Questions are the answer. Initially it didn’t make much sense to me. Isn’t the question the question? Therein lies the path to the answer. It is evident also that, if we want better answers, then we must ask better questions. What’s not to love about an impactful, well formed open-ended question?

The process of coaching is driven by Powerful Questions – questions that are based upon impressions from what has been shared thus far – and the energy in which it was presented. The questions guide the session and allow the root of the problem or the true desire to be brought into the awareness, allowing the breakthrough to happen. And, my all time favorite question: ‘How is that working for you?’ Want to stop someone from draining your energy with a deluge of drama? Ask them that simple question. Followed by ‘What are you doing about it?’ They will move on to other victims in no time flat.

Okay, enough appreciation of the question. So, how did I acknowledge this day? I used my Social Media ninja skills. This morning, upon recognizing this day would be my first, I posted about it on my Facebook wall, my Her Unfolding Journey group and my Just Mark Coaching page. I invited my friends & followers to ask a question – using private message if they prefer. I received some great questions and am optimistic that I inspired others, even if they weren’t asked of me.

How awesome was your day?


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