Ascent 73 – Punxsutawney, PA

A fun first today. When I exited off I-80 on my way to Titusville PA, I noticed a sign for the Groundhog Day mecca – Punxsutawney! I made a mental note to see if I could squeeze in a visit there on my return trip.

Mo and I got so spend a bit more time together and launched our new project page on Facebook. And then I had to get on the road for the 7 hour drive home.

It was a rainy when I set off, so caution was the order of the day. After working my way thru all the campgrounds, I came up on I-80 and, despite the protests of my GPS, went past the expressway. I switched to Waze and found myself being taken more into rural PA. And then – there it was! The large sign indicated that I had made it to Punxsutawney. I pulled over and snapped a quick pic to record this auspicious occasion before getting back into the car and heading east for New York. I did not actually go into the the town this trip. And – no. I didn’t see my shadow.

2016-03-13 14.00.18


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